Testing brushes



* Sparkling Faces * Face & Body Art brushes are here!


Today I have welcomed in my studio in Liechtenstein a 15-member team of experts. Wonderful artists from six countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Australia and Thailand) took the time to test my new brushes and give me their honest feedback.


The two-year journey of development is over and I am incredibly happy that all 21 different brush types have been approved! The test participants with work experience between 1 and 20 years have taken their task very seriously and tested all brushes very carefully. Thus, I am convinced that beginners as well as seasoned painters will be satisfied with brushes and can use them with much joy and success.


I am incredibly grateful that I know so many amazing people who just take time for me and my project! That is true happiness! Thank you so much - it was really great to have you here!


Schaanwald, September 2019