Basic equipment

Basic equipment


The basic equipment includes:

1 x "Diamond FX 12 Colors Palette Essentials": 12 most important colors for face painting

1 x "Pink Potion Rainbow Cake": for the most beautiful butterfly

1 x "Glitter fine White Fairy Dust": it doesn't work without glitter!

1 x "spray bottle 50 ml": to moisten sponges

1 x "Superstar magenta 16g": the most beautiful color for the lips

1 x template "Snowflakes": for the ice princess designs

1 x stencil “Soccer ball”: boys favorite

1 x "Loew Cornell, size 4": for thick lines

1 x "Loew Cornell, size 2": for small details

3 x "sponge": for applying face paint

CHF 135.80

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